Adding NDA and uploading builds

Adding NDA and uploading builds

NDAs in the Applause Beta world can be any document (PDF) which a participant must first agree to before downloading and installing your app build.

You can access your NDAs from the left side menu.

Here you see there are no NDAs uploaded

Click on the upload button or drag the PDF to the dotted upload area (dotted rectangle).

The new NDA dialog allows you to add a ‘name’ to your NDA.

Click ‘Add license’ (yes I know it’s not consistent – we’ll fix that)

Next we’re going to upload a build (or app binary). In this case it’s an ipa file because we’re working with an iOS app. If it was an Android app it would be an apk  file.

Uploading a build

In the left side menu click on the ‘Builds’ item.


This will bring you of course to an empty builds page.

As with NDAs click on the upload button or drag your build file (ipa or apk) to the drop zone.

The build is uploaded and a progress bar is shown

Upon completion you will be shown a summary

Here you can preview the app icon and add release notes (these will be displayed in the distribution email sent to participants).

Now click ‘Save’

Here you can see the build has been uploaded.

This page will contained the history of builds you’ve uploaded.

It’s possible to set a ‘current’ build this will prompt  participants  with older builds of your app to update.

Top Tip: Click on the “Current build” (see blue arrow in the above screen shot). Here you can add an in-app welcome screen message for each build.


Next Steps:

Distributing your app to beta participants