Applause JIRA Plugin

Applause JIRA Plugin

The Applause JIRA Plugin has been deprecated and is no longer in use.


For JIRA users, Applause offers a custom JIRA plugin that gives developers an advanced way of exporting issues from the Applause platform to JIRA. One of the plugin’s major features is that it  support for two-way fix-verification (essentially allowing Applause users the ability to request bug-fix verification (BFV) directly from within JIRA). This creates a direct channel through which development teams can manage the results and feedback being generated by their Applause test cycles, without ever needing to leave JIRA or login to the Applause platform.

For more information and to download the plug-in: Click here for the Applause JIRA Plugin page in the Atlassian Marketplace.

For documentation and instructions:

Additional FAQs:

Q. When should I use the JIRA connector?
A. When you want to push bugs from the Applause 360 Dashboard to your own JIRA implementation.

Q. When should I use the JIRA plugin?
A. When you want to use ‘fix verification’. This option allows you to push bugs FROM your JIRA implementation to the Applause platform. Using the JIRA plugin in conjunction with the JIRA connector creates a bi-directional communication channel between Applause’s 360 Dashboard and JIRA.

Q. What is the difference between the plugin and the connector?
A. As above: The JIRA Connector is used for Applause -> JIRA communication, the JIRA plugin is used for JIRA -> Applause communication. Also, setup time for the plugin is longer. Q. What are my options if I have a firewall in place? A. Please see this support article.

Q. What are my options if I’m uncomfortable with whitelisting the Applause IP?
A. Applause has developed custom VPN connectors of customers. Currently this option is only available for JIRA and Cisco VPNs. If you believe you may require this type of solution, please contact your Applause project manager for additional details.