Can I disable or otherwise kill certain builds?

Can I disable or otherwise kill certain builds?

In many cases, you will want to manage your build versions to make sure your beta participants are not using older builds. The Mobile Beta Management platform includes a ‘killswitch’ that can be enabled or disabled for every available build.

When this killswitch is enabled for a build, if a beta participant attempts to launch that build version on their mobile device, the MBM platform will detect the launch, display an alert to the user that the particular build has been disabled, and then prevent the older build from launching.

To enable the killswitch:

Click on the ‘Builds’ tab.

To the right of each versions there’s an options menu. Clicking on “Disable version” will activate the kill switch for that version.

Disabled versions are greyed out.

You can use the options menu to re-enable a version.

How does it work on the mobile side?

Since 3.9.0 we’ve increased the frequency of server side checks.

Android – after each network activity (sending logs, bug, crash or feedback) we perform a check if the build is still active or not and inform the user accordingly.

iOS – since iOS has a much more standardised state model we perform a check when the app is put to the background and brought back to foreground. If the build is no longer active, the user is informed.