Updates to Testing Services Platform – 11/20/15


New Format for Bug Details Page

  • Reformatted the issues page to be more easily viewed, consumed, and navigable. Description, discussion, and history each have their own tab, and details are always found at the top.


  • Actions that can be performed from the issues page have been consolidated into a single Actions menu rather than individual buttons.



New Behavior When Clicking Titles

  • Clicking the title a cycle that is not yet active from the test cycles page will now bring you to a read-only view of the cycle details. The cycle can then be easily modified by clicking edit. testcycle
  • Clicking on a title in the Test Cases Page will now bring you into a read-only view of the details for that test case. Within this view, the test case can be edited from the Actions drop-down. This view and the test case results view have also been updated to provide a cleaner view of the steps and details.