Core Framework v1.4.19

Core Framework v1.4.19

Applause Core Framework v1.4.19 Release Notes – 6/13/2016

Applause is excited to announce the release of v1.4.19.  This release is primarily a performance optimization release for web based automation tests.  The following key changes are included:


  • Implemented the ability to set the web element time out value by setting the JVM property webElementTimeOutSeconds.
    • The expected value of this parameter is an integer representing the maximum number of seconds to wait for a web element to be displayed before failing the test.
    • The default value is 30 seconds.


  • Optimized getWebElement() call to only suspend thread execution if element is not gettable.
  • Optimized WebElementQueryHelper to only inject sizzle if jQuery and custom jQuery is not available.


  • Added additional debug metrics to output the total summation of implicit wait times during test execution