Core Framework v1.5.0

Core Framework v1.5.0

Applause Core Framework v1.5.0 Release Notes – 7/22/2016

Applause is excited to announce the release of v1.5.0.  This release is primarily focused on high level architecture refactoring, a deprecation of several driver management patterns, and a move to using 100% configured drivers.  Please note that this is a breaking change and requires some reconfiguration of current projects.


  • Refactored Framework to be DriverWrapper rooted
    • DriverWrapper is now the top level object and each driver wrapper is configured and points to its own Driver object, Snapshot Manger, its own query helper, and its on synchronization helper.
    • This allows us to now execute test sessions with multiple drivers operating within each sessions for multi headed tests.
  • Added in Support for configured drivers supporting BrowserStack (Web and MobileWeb), TestDroid (Native ClientSide and ServerSide), DeviceCloud (Native ClientSide and ServerSide), SauceLabs (Native, Web, and MobileWeb) and AWS (ServerSide Native)


  • Removed all references to “browser”  and replaced with “driver”
  • Removed all client side driver objects and code for TestDroid connection.  These are now configured as JSON files.