Core Framework v1.6.7 Release Note

Core Framework v1.6.7 Release Note

Applause Core Framework v1.6.7 Release Notes – 2/22/2017

Applause is excited to announce the release of v1.6.7.  This release is primarily focused on high level architecture refactoring to support a Page Object Factory and a Locator Factory Pattern for Native, Web, and Mobile Web tests. Also included is support for real device testing on Test Objects device lab, support for Sauce Mobile Web testing, screenshot logging support for new dashboard enhancements, and several bug fixes.  Please note that this is a breaking change and requires some reconfiguration of current projects.


  • Added support for Page Factory Pattern for Mobile and Web Tests
  • Added support for Locator Factory Pattern for Mobile and Web Test
  • Added Browser Profile Support for Firefox on Sauce and BrowserStack and moved Profile support to driver config json files.
  • Added full support for interaction with Test Object lab real devices for Native and Mobile Web tests
  • Added full support for Sauce Mobile Web on emulators and simulators
  • Added Native JS Hover Function
  • Added ability to allow SauceConnect Tunnel identifier
  • Updated framework ScreenshotManager classes to log screen shots to API endpoints for better reporting


  • Updated default TestNGListner to pull test tags value from the currently running context
  • Fixes for issue where AbstractPageChunk.getElement() doesn’t properly wait 30 seconds
  • Fixes for issue where ChunkFactory doesn’t properly invoke waitUntilVisible()