Course 1: Additional Actions on Issue Reports

Learn what additional actions you can apply to issue reports.

To follow along with the lesson, click here to open the platform.

Additional Actions on an Issue Report

Apart from the triage actions, you can apply a few other actions to issue reports in the Applause platform.

To apply actions to an issue report, click the Actions dropdown menu while you are on the “Issue Report” page.


The Applause platform will allow you to export the issue to a CSV file or to your Bug Tracking System (if the integration was set up)

Mark Manually Exported to BTS

The platform has the ability to integrate with many different Bug Tracking Systems, in case you don’t use one of them, then you might need to export the bug manually to your tracking system and mark it manually as exported to BTS then type the BTS issue ID. This will help you to keep track of which ones have been exported to BTS and which ones are not.

Note: For Jira connectors (only), the BTS ID will serve as a hyperlink, allowing you to open the Jira issue directly from the Applause platform.

Request Verification

Once the reported issue is fixed, you may want to utilize the testing community to verify the fix, as a Bug Verification workflow. You may initiate the BFV in an existing or a standalone test cycle.

Actions on a Triaged Issue

Click the Actions dropdown menu while you are on the “Issue Report” page of an already triaged issue, i.e. the issue should be approved or rejected.

Mark (or Unmark) Won’t Fix - Approved Issue

The label “won’t fix” will be displayed next to the issue status as well as to the Resolution status. Sometimes when a bug is submitted, extenuating circumstances prevent a valid issue from being fixed. When this occurs, you can mark the issue as Won’t Fix. It will:

  • Indicate to testers you will not be fixing the bug and it should not be reported again
  • Hide the bug on the issues list (unless ‘Include Resolved’ is checked)
  • Exclude it from exports to CSV / BTS unless specifically requested in dialogs

Note: When you mark a bug as Won’t Fix, ensure that you add it to your “Known Issues” list.

Mark (or Unmark) as Resolved - Approved Issue

The Resolution status will be updated. Marking an issue Resolved signifies that work has been completed and verified on the bug and will remove it from the list of active and Known Issues.

Mark (or Unmark) as Known Issue - Approved or Rejected Issue

Known Issues are marked by a small tag next to the issue name and are included in the list under the Known Issues tab.

Bulk Actions on Issue Reports

You can also manage issues bulk from the issue list in the Issues tab of a test cycle. Simply select the relevant issues from the list, click on the Actions button above the list and select the necessary action.