Course 3: Applause Testing Team Members

Learn about your Applause management team and various team roles.

Applause Testing Team Members

To ensure your goals are achieved and you are having a successful journey with Applause, you will always have your Applause management team with you.

The structure of your Applause team may vary based on solution and testing type, but will commonly include some or all of the following roles.

Solution Delivery Manager (SDM)
  • The SDM serves as your primary point of contact for all testing needs

  • Provides consultative planning, support and access to subject matter experts within Applause

  • Ensures flawless execution of your test cycles

Test Architect (TA) / Testing Services Manager (TSM)
  • The TA/TSM is the main point of contact for the SDMs

  • Initiates and directs all test cycles based on your predefined goals and testing strategy

  • Works with your SDM to ensure your goals are achieved during your testing

Test Engineer (TE)
  • The TE is responsible for the day-to-day management of the test cycles

  • Assembles a team of curated testers that match your specific demographic, device and region requirements

  • Depending on your contractual entitlements, the TE may be able to attend standups and related meetings

Test Team Lead (TTL)
  • The TTL is responsible for leading the testing team

  • Supports and provides feedback to testers throughout test cycle execution

  • Performs the initial triage of all test results and provides a recommendation for approval or rejection

  • The testers will perform testing according to the scope and instructions in the test cycle

  • Report bugs, document testing flows, verify bug fixes and perform other tasks as required in the test cycle

  • Applause has a global community of vetted testers who are trained to meet your testing needs