Course 1: Bug Tracking System

Learn about Bug Tracking Systems and how to integrate them with the Applause platform.

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Bug Tracking System

The Applause platform can help you keep track of your issue reports if you do not have a Bug Tracking System (BTS). You can manage, update statuses and manage your Known Issues directly in the platform. However, the platform also has the ability to integrate with many different Bug Tracking Systems.

Integrating the Applause platform with your current BTS allows the exporting of issues into your BTS and can help improve productivity, coverage and overall effectiveness of testing.

For each Applause bug, a new issue will be created in your BTS. Its identifier will be available from the Applause platform for convenient look-up.

Additionally, the two-way integration (available for Jira integration) allows updates from your BTS to flow into the Applause platform on the issue prioritization and fix status. This means more accurate in-platform reporting, including your Applause Quality Score as well as workflows such as Bug Fix Verification. Learn more about the Applause Quality Score here.

Benefits of Integrating BTS with Applause
  • Get all of your approved Applause issue reports automatically created in your BTS

  • Save time and errors from manual upload or copy-paste of issue data between systems

  • Depending on the integration configuration, automatically assign created issues to teams or engineers

  • Automatically drive a Bug Fix Verification workflow (require Two-way Integration, Jira only)

  • Optimize the Applause platform reporting by feeding it with prioritization and status set by your teams

Prerequisites and Limitations

Note the following prerequisites and limitations before integrating your BTS with the Applause platform.

Unlock any Restrictions on Your BTS

The Applause platform must be able to communicate with your BTS. Contact your IT resources to ensure this prior to configuring the integration.

Configure Your Firewall

You should configure your firewall or security settings to permit the following IPs for the Applause platform to access your BTS remotely:

  • (CIDR notation)
  • to (range notation)

BTS-Specific Integration

The BTS-Specific Integration implements an API published by the 3rd party responsible for the BTS. These integrations tend to be tighter. At the same time, there is clearly a finite list of BTSs we can support. If your specific BTS is not included in the list of supported systems, you may need to use the Generic integration.

As in most integration products, the BTS-Specific Integrations implements a set of APIs published by 3rd parties. Thus, functionality is dependent on 3rd party offered options and as such the integration functionality may slightly differ.

Generic BTS Integration

The integration sends data to an email inbox or a webhook.

Two-step Authentication is not Supported

For integrations where authentication is enabled, two-step authentication is not supported at this time.