Course 3: Build Overview

Learn all the details of the Build Overview in the Applause platform.

Build Overview

The Build Overview page consists of several sections, providing greater insights into the test results for the build. To access more detailed data visualizations about the build, click the “See more details” link at the bottom of the Issues Breakdown section of the relevant build.

Build Details

High level information about the build is displayed to provide context to the results.

Issue Life Cycle Phases

Here you can toggle the results by issue life cycle phases, impacting all other Build Overview sections.

Issues Breakdown

Breakdown of the issues by Severity, Value and Priority provides the main context for the testing results.


The Coverage section enables a deeper dive of the collected results based on technology and location. Examining the results by coverage allows you to better address issues as well as align the testing strategy of future builds.

Coverage by Technology

Offers the distribution of results by the Operating Systems issues reported against. To drill even deeper, hover over the Operating Systems (OS) – mobile OSs will be sliced by device and OS version and desktop OSs will be sliced by the web browser and OS version.

Coverage by Location

Offers a map view highlighting the distribution of results based on the tester country issues were reported from. You may zoom the map in and out and drag it to focus on interest areas.

Issues by Components

Issues by Components provide an in-depth view of the results by the components set for the tested product.

Identifying how issues are distributed across components allows you to better address issues as well as align the testing strategy of future builds.

Filtering the Issues by Components

On top of the overall distribution, you may also crosstab the results by:

  • Issue Type (default)

  • Severity

  • Value

  • Priority (where applicable)

Filtering the Issues by Components

The Goal of the Testing Services Section

The Testing Services section allows you to better understand the testing process. While testing is performed by the Applause Community and driven by your project team, understanding issue accumulations, testing times and triage status keep you informed about the process, allowing you to fine-tune the testing strategy of future builds with your Applause project team.

What You Can View Under the Testing Services Section
  • Triage, including the overall issue approval rate, distribution of issue approvers between the Applause and your users and an indication of issues still pending triage

  • Testing Times, including average cycle duration and time to first and last issues

  • Issue Accumulation, offering a timeline of the accumulation of submitted issues at the test cycle level