Getting Started

Recording your first test.

Getting Started

First, you need to upload a build. iOS applications will need a simulator build for test creation and an enterprise build for runs on real devices. Android applications just need the standard .apk build. For more about builds, visit our documentation linked below.

Creating Your First Test

Once the build is uploaded, you can create your first test.

Click on the New Test button to start a new test and fill out the form fields. You can enter a suite optionally.

Record Test

The first step is to record your test. You can do so by interacting with it like a real device - swiping and tapping for example. You also have a lot of other interaction capabilities. For this test, we’ll just be swiping and tapping and entering text.

  1. For this app, you can tap on the “user name” and enter the username of the account you are testing.

  2. Next, you can tap on “password” and enter the password.

  3. Now the app has gone onto the next page - you’re logged in. You’re done now with the recording part of your test, you can click “Finish”.

Your test will process and take about the same amount of time as your recording.

Adding Assertions

After processing, you’re ready to add assertions. While you can add assertions at any step along the way, for this particular test, we are checking that login works.

The most convenient place to add an assertion is after you have logged in. The easiest way to do this is to add a breakpoint after the Hide Keyboard step - Breakpoints will tell the test where to stop along the way.

  • To play through until the breakpoint hit “play”

  • Or use the step forward button to step through

Selecting an Assertion Element

You can select the element you want to assert on - in this case, any of the text on this screen means you’ve logged in, so let’s check ”Start testing by”.

Defining and Adding Assertion

A dialog pops up for defining the assertion.

  • In this case, choose the exact match option

  • And if the assertion fails, you can set it to “Log error and continue test” or to “Fail test completely”. Since we’re only adding one assertion to this test, we’ll fail it completely

Ok, now our assertion has been added. It’s currently passing - we know because there’s a checkmark and the border is in green. We’re done with our test.

Hit Close Test - and there you go - first test done.