Course 1: How to Communicate Within Tester Reports

Learn how to discuss individual issue reports, test cases and reviews with testers.

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  1. How to Communicate Within Tester Reports
  2. How to Use Chat
How to Communicate Within Tester Reports

You may need to communicate with your Applause team while the test cycle is running to ask testers to provide more information, check in on progress, or clarify testing instructions. You are welcome to connect with your Applause team within the platform, in secure, private and documented channels.

Issue Discussion

There are two communication options on an issue report: Tester Messenger and My Notes.

Tester Messenger

Allows you to communicate directly with the tester who submitted the issue. From this place you can ask for clarifications, for instance on credentials used, steps taken, etc. Tester Messenger posts are visible to all other testing team members. You (and the tester) will be notified via email when new posts are made to the Tester Messenger.

My Notes

Message your TTL (Testing Team Lead) while excluding the testers. This can be useful when you want to communicate with the TTL without involving the tester, for instance when discussing issue value and other triage-related matters. Moreover, as the My Notes posts can be included when exporting the issues, you may also use the My Notes channel to log entries you’ll refer to after the export.

Test Case Discussion

Click the Discussion tab inside the test case to message the tester, in case you require further information on the test case.

Tester Review Discussion

Click an individual tester review from the reviews list and have a direct discussion line with the tester.