Course 2: How to Navigate the Applause Platform

Learn how to navigate the Applause Platform.

To follow along with the lesson, click here to open the platform.

How to Navigate the Applause Platform

The Applause platform has many features that enable you to manage your test cycles and projects. Let’s take a look at the left-hand navigation items and we will explore the options in more detail in the following courses.

Product Finder

Selecting the Product Finder will display all of the products associated with your company account. You can use the search box within the Product Finder to search for a specific product. You can also choose which product you would like to view from the list. This selection will determine what is displayed when you view test cycles, issues, known issues, test cases and testers.


You can perform a quick search by using IDs or keywords in the Issues, Test Cycles or Test Cases page. For instance, you want to find all the submitted bugs that contain the “Homepage” word in its title, then type Homepage in the search box and select “Homepage in Issues” and the platform will show all the results that match with your search criteria.


The Applause platform creates a chat room for each test cycle to facilitate communication between testers, you and your Applause management team.


The page lists all products associated with your customer account.

Test Cycles

This shows all the test cycles associated with the product you chose in the product finder.


This will display a list of all of the issue reports for your chosen product.

Known Issues

A list of known issues added by you. Known issues can be added to test cycles and carried over from one cycle to another.

Test Cases

This is a comprehensive list of all test cases for the product chosen in the product finder.


This is a list of testers that you or your Applause team have marked as favorites. Favorite testers are invited to your future testing projects, allowing you to continue to work with them as your products evolve.

Testers who contribute consistently and effectively to your project can be set as favorite. To favorite a tester click on the blue badge under the Favorite column. Additionally, a tester can be marked as a favorite within an issue report they submitted.


View and download documents and files that have been shared with the Applause team.

Account & Settings

This section is for managing the account settings, BTS connectors and users for your company.