Course 2: How to Use Chat

Learn how to utilize the test cycle chat in the Applause platform.

To follow along with the lesson, click here to open the platform.

How to Use Chat

The Chat is a separate utility accessible through the main navigation bar of the Applause platform, which allows you to communicate with the Applause team in the context of a test cycle.

  • The Chat allows you to send announcements to the entire team, collaborate with multiple testers at once, as well as address specific matters with individual testers

  • The Chat is commonly one of the main communication channels between the TTL and testers and you can take part in those conversations as well

  • The participants of a chat consist of Testers, TTLs, TEs and PMs (PM is the old term for SDM). You can chat with them in the main room of the Chat or add any participant as a contact to chat privately. However, you should reach out to your Applause management team before engaging testers in private communication

Note: The TTL is responsible for managing the Chat and will escalate any blockers or problems to the Applause management team and you.

How to Access the Chat
  1. Log in to the Applause platform. Your active status for the Chat as well as the number of new messages are displayed on the left-hand side menu on the Chat menu item.

  2. Navigate to the Chat. The Chat utility opens on a new browser tab.

Elements the Chat Utility Includes
  • Test Cycles and Approved Contacts - A list of test cycles you participate in are displayed, with the Chat Room enabled (active, locked and pending), as well as contacts you’re approved to communicating on the left side of the screen

  • Chat Rooms - Once a test cycle is selected on the left, a list of rooms (announcements, questions) and cycle contacts will be displayed on the right side of the screen. You may select a room to post in, or click + next to a contact to send a conversation request. Both contacts must approve prior to engaging in conversation

  • Chat Conversation - The main screen will show the content of the selected room or conversation. You can post to the conversation using the text box on the bottom of the screen