Course 1: Issue Triage

Learn how to triage and apply other actions to issues in the Applause platform.

Issue Triage

To ensure only relevant, accurate and complete issues are provided by Applause to your team, all results submitted by the testers need to be triaged and eventually either approved or rejected.

As an Applause customer, you have the ability to view and triage issue reports in real time, as they are being submitted. However, we suggest starting triage when your TTL completes the initial triage to ensure all reports match with your expectations.

Triage Actions on an Issue Report

You can apply various actions to issue reports which we will review in this section.

Triage Actions You Can Apply to an Issue Report
  • Approve or reject the issue

  • Rate the issue's value when approving

  • Message the tester, in case you require further information on the issue

  • Leave notes to the TTL, TE and the TA/TSM if needed

  • Edit the issue if needed so it is on par with your content expectations

How to Triage an Issue Report

To manage an issue report, click on the Actions dropdown menu while you are on the “Issue Report” page.

Edit Issue

Apply changes to the issue report details.


Approve the issue as a valid one. You will be asked to set the issue value: Somewhat, Very or Exceptional.

Note: After an issue is approved, the “Approve, Reject, Request More Information” options will be grayed out and inaccessible.

Approve as Won't Fix

Approve the issue for the sake of tester rating and payout, yet there is no intention to fix it.


Reject the reported issue as invalid. You will be asked to set the reason for rejection: Duplicate, Need More Info, Did Not Follow Instructions, the issue is Out of Scope, the scenario Works as Designed or any other reason. You are encouraged to add this issue to your Known Issues list to prevent future reporting of it.

Request More Information

The issue report is unclear and you’d like the tester to update it.