Course 1: The Product Activity Dashboard

Learn all the details of the Product Activity Dashboard.

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The Product Activity Dashboard

As you utilize Applause services, test results are collected and will be available for you in the Applause platform. Naturally, a significant portion of your attention will gravitate towards reacting to the collected results – triage issues and test cases, corresponding with your Applause team to get more information, export issues to your Bug Tracking System and prioritize fixes into subsequent releases. At the same time, you may also like to observe the data in an aggregated, trended manner.

The Product Activity Dashboard provides interactive metrics such as the Applause Quality Score, tables and graphs, that give you a better understanding of the status and trends of your product and builds.

This information is presented at both the product and the build level. We will consider them in the next sections.

AQS Product Overview

The Product Activity Information Helps You
  • Identify the overall quality of testing executed for a build

  • Track trends in quality and promote process improvement accordingly

  • Focus on areas in your product most requiring your attention

  • Manage the collected issues across the bug life cycle and acknowledge the impact on your team’s tasks

  • Monitor the testing services provided by Applause to allow you and your Applause management team to optimize the testing strategy for your product