Course 2: Builds

Learn how to create and edit product builds in the Applause platform.

To follow along with the lesson, click here to open the platform.


Once your product is set up in the Applause platform, you can load the first build for testing. In the Applause platform the “Build” represents the state of your digital product being tested at a certain point in time.

How to Create a new Build

You can create a new build within the product section or while creating (or editing) a test cycle for the product.

Steps to Create a new Build
  1. From the left-hand navigation, select “Products”.
  2. Open the relevant product page.

  3. New navigation options will be displayed in the navigation bar. Select “Builds”.

  4. While in the “Builds” page, select the “Add New Build” button.

  5. The “New Build” page is displayed and you will need to provide the following details:
    • Build Name - This will be based on the versioning format, as set for this product

    • Build Changes - Anything new or fixed in this release

    • Sources - The files or URLs to access the build. Please reach out to your Applause management team with any concerns on making builds accessible to the testers (especially in the case of iOS, where access may be limited)

Note: You may also find this action in the Actions dropdown menu in the “Products Details” page or the product list. To navigate click the Actions dropdown menu and select “New build for this product”.

How to View and Edit Product Builds

The product builds are set into cards and for each build, basic information is presented, such as the build name and ID, changes it introduces, created and last updated dates. In addition, a list of build sources is available - both files and URLs.

Steps to View and Edit Product Builds
  1. Log in to the Applause platform and navigate to Products.

  2. In the Products page, locate the relevant product by sorting the table or using the search box above it.

  3. To view your product builds, open any product page and navigate to the “Builds” page.

  4. You can edit an existing build from here as well by clicking the “Edit build” button.

How to Test Your Product Build

In order to test your new build, you will need to create a new test cycle. You will learn about creating test cycles in the next learning track.