Course 2: Product Overview

Learn all the details of the Product Overview in the Applause platform.

Product Overview

The Product Overview aims to provide high-level information on your product, as well as the results collected on your latest builds. Up to 10 builds will be available on a page and a paging option will be available at the bottom of the page if needed.

Note: The builds are sorted based on their creation date, from the newest to the oldest, allowing you to concentrate on more recent results and trends.

Product Details
  • Date created

  • Number of active components

  • Number of test cycles previously activated

  • Bug Tracking System (BTS) integration

You can review and edit the complete details of your product’s settings by clicking “See more details”.

Build Details
  • Creation Date

  • Date when the last issue was submitted

  • Number of test cycles previously activated for the build (this also includes cycles where the build was tested only part of the duration)

  • Number of active test cycles currently testing the build

This information will be displayed for each of your builds to provide context to the results.

Issues Breakdown
  • Submitted - This count includes all collected issues, except those discarded or disputed

  • Approved - A member of your Applause management team or a user from your team triages the submitted issues and approves or rejects them. This count includes all approved issues, except those marked as “Won’t Fix"

  • Exported - Approved issues may be exported to your Bug Tracking System (BTS) either manually or through the integration. This count includes all issues set with a BTS ID, except those marked as “Won’t Fix”

This section provides an overview of the collected issues. The total number of issues is displayed across different phases.

Resolution Breakdown
  • Not Fixed - Fixing the issue is yet completed or verification for the fix had failed

  • Fixed Not Verified - The issue is marked as fixed by the engineering team, however verification for the fix has not yet started/completed

  • Fixed and Verified - The issue was provided a fix by the engineering team and the Applause community was able to successfully verify it

Breakdown by Issue Properties
  • Severity - Set by the tester when submitting the issue and re-confirmed during triage

  • Value - Set by the user approving the issue during triage

  • Priority (where applicable) - Set in their Bug Tracking System

By default this is presented for the Approved issue – click the other issue life cycle phases to view the internal Severity/Value/Priority distribution for them.

Note: Hiding some of these metrics is possible – contact your Applause team if needed.

Pending Triage Issues

In case there are some issues still pending triage, this will be indicated. You should complete triage in a timely manner so you can treat the results displayed more reliably (also it increases the Confidence Level for AQS).