Course 4: Test Cycle Details

Learn about the details present inside a test cycle.

Test Cycle Details

There are many more details available for the test cycle than what’s offered in the test cycle list.

How to View Complete Test Cycle Details
  1. While in the test cycle list page, locate the relevant test cycle.

  2. Select the test cycle name.

  3. The test cycle details page consists of several tabs, which may vary based on the testing scope offered in the cycles.


Contains the setting highlights of the test cycle, including the tested build, testing methodology, in/out of scope definitions, test cases included and more.


Contains the most up-to-date status of the cycle run.


Contains the list of issues reported by the testers during the cycle.

Test Case Results

Contains a list of test case runs executed by the testers and their results, status, test case, environment and the executing tester.

Test Case Coverage

Contains the breakdown of executed test cases and their results across different environments. This allows you to understand what functionality (test cases) and technology (environments) were covered by the testers during the cycle.


Contains a list of product reviews provided by the testers, their overall rating and status.

Known Issues

Contains a filtered issue list, including only issues marked as “Known Issue”.