Course 5: Test Cycle Editing Options

Learn what actions you can apply to test cycles in the Applause platform.

Test Cycle Editing Options

Once a test cycle has been created, you have many options available in the Actions dropdown menu.

Edit Test Cycle

Allows you to modify different parameters within the selected test cycle. This can be done when a cycle is in an inactive or active state. Editing an active test cycle will kick off an email to all testers in the test cycle, letting them know of the changes that were made.

Note: You should consult with your Applause management team prior to making changes in an active cycle.

Request Activation

This option notifies your Applause management team that you are ready to activate the test cycle.

Lock Test Cycle

Locking a cycle will cease all testing being performed and change the status of your cycle to Locked. However while testing is stopped in the Locked phase, bug triage can continue. A test cycle will also automatically become Locked when its scheduled duration has been reached.

Note: You should consult with your Applause management team prior to locking an active cycle before the expected lock time.

Reactivate Test Cycle

If a cycle is in a locked state, it can be reactivated with a new end time and date. Please consult with your Applause management team to determine if this is the appropriate action.

New Build (For Continuous Test Cycles Only)

You have the option to load a new build in continuous cycles. This will trigger a notification to testers that there is a new build and that they should update and continue testing.

Copy Test Cycle

Copying a test cycle will copy the current test cycle, generating a new test cycle from that copy. You can then make edits for the new cycle, as described in the previous section.

Request Closure

When a test cycle has completed its testing, all bugs have been triaged and no further actions need to be performed, a cycle can be marked as “closure requested”. Your Applause team will review everything and then close the cycle for you.

Discard Test Cycle

This is used to permanently delete a test cycle from the platform. This can occur when a cycle is in the Draft status. You cannot discard an Active, Locked or Closed cycle.