Course 2: Test Suites

Learn what a test suite is and how to utilize it.

Test Suites

Test suites are a way to organize and group test cases. This enables you to organize your test cases by theme or area of the application.

How to Create a new Test Suite

You may want to create a test suite for storage purposes or to have the test cases executed together as a group by the Applause testers.

Steps to Create a new Test Suite
  1. While on the Test Suites tab, click on the “New Test Suite” button. The New Test Suite page will open.

  2. Select the relevant product.

  3. Set the appropriate name.

  4. If you already have test cases defined, locate the test cases you’d like to add to the suite and check the box under “Selected”.

  5. Once completed, select “Done” to save the new test suite.

Note: You will be able to add and remove test cases from the suite later on as well.

How to Edit a Test Suite

Once your test suite is set up, you may edit it to apply updates as your testing needs to evolve. You may do this from both the Test Cases and Test Suites tabs.

Steps to Edit a Test Suite
  1. While on the Test Suites tab, locate the test suite you want to edit.

  2. Select the Actions dropdown menu and select Edit/Add Test Cases.

Note: You can also perform this task in bulk by selecting the test cases and clicking the Actions dropdown menu at the top of the list. Also note that deleting a test suite does not delete the test cases within the suite.