Course 2: Test Suites

Learn what a test suite is and how to utilize it.

Test Suites

Test suites are a way to organize and group test cases. This enables you to organize your test cases by theme or area of the application.

How to Create a new Test Suite

You may want to create a test suite for storage purposes or to have the test cases executed together as a group by the Applause testers.

Steps to Create a New Test Suite
  1. After opening the Test Suites & Cases tab, choose the necessary product.

  2. Open the Test Suites tab and click the “New Test Suite” button. The New Test Suite window will pop up.

  3. Set the appropriate name and enter some description.

  4. Click “Save”.

    New Test Suite

How to Add Test Cases to a Test Suite

Now that the test suite has been added, either a new test case can be added to the suite or an existing test case.

Adding Existing Test Cases to a Test Suite
  1. In the All Test Cases tab, select the necessary test cases and click the three dot button at the top of the list.

  2. Choose “Update Test Suites”.

  3. Specify the test suites in the “Add test cases to these suites” dropdown and click “Save”.

Note: The same way a test case can be removed from a test suite by specifying the test suites in the “Remove test cases from these suites” dropdown.

Add Existing TC to a Test Suite

Adding a New Test Case to a Test Suite

Also a new test case can be created and added to the suite right away. To do this, open the test suite and click the plus button to add a new test case.

Add a New TC to a Test Suite