Course 1: User Management

Learn how to manage users in your team in the Applause platform.

To follow along with the lesson, click here to open the platform.

User Management

From the User Management section, you can add and manage your company users. Additionally, you can create teams for your products to help keep your testing projects organized.

How to Add a new User
  1. Open the Applause platform and navigate to “Account & Settings”.

  2. Select “User Management”.

  3. Select the “New Teammate” button in the upper right corner of your screen.

  4. Fill out the required information for adding a user.

  5. Select the appropriate “Team Roles” for the new member.
  6. Click the “Save” button to save the user and add them to your team. The user will receive a welcome email shortly with instructions on setting up their password.

How to Remove a User
  1. Log in to the Applause platform and navigate to “Account & Settings” and select “User Management”.

  2. Click the “Everyone” tab.

  3. Click the Actions dropdown menu for the user you want to remove and select “Disable”.

User Roles

Each role on the platform has different levels of privilege. A user can have one of the following roles.


This role allows a team member to create new test cycles, triage bugs and communicate with testers and the Applause team. Collaborators receive limited platform notifications.


In addition to the rights of a collaborator, owners can also change project settings and invite other collaborators. Owners receive all platform notifications by default.


This role provides read-only access to a project. This allows users to view and monitor test activity, but they can’t create new test cycles themselves.