Course 1: What is a Test Cycle?

Learn what a test cycle is and its lifecycles.

What is a Test Cycle?

A test cycle brings testers together to test a build of your product with all the testing instructions for a specific amount of time that you would like the testing to be active.

As you test your Products in the Applause platform, test cycles will be created, activated, executed, locked and ultimately closed. So, it is important to learn about a test cycle life cycle.


When you create a new cycle, the status of the cycle will be “Draft”. While in draft status, you can discard the test cycle, make any changes you like or request activation.

Draft (Activation Requested)

Once you request activation, the draft cycle’s status will change to “Draft (Activation Requested)”. While in this status, your Applause management team will review and add testers to the cycle.

Pending Activation

Soon, your Applause management team will change the status of the cycle to “Pending Activation”. While in this status, you need to approve the activation.


Once approved, the status will change to “Active”. While the cycle is active, testers can test your product, report bugs, complete test cases and provide feedback. Triage is allowed while the cycle is active.


Eventually, the cycle status will change to “Locked” when the time assigned for the test cycle comes to an end. Now, only triage is allowed.


Finally, the test cycle status will be changed to “Closed”. A closed cycle is a completed cycle where no testing or triage is allowed. A closed cycle cannot be reactivated later.

Note: An active cycle can be locked at any time while it is running. Also, a locked cycle can be reactivated at any moment if required. Please consult with your Applause management team if you want to manually lock or reactivate any test cycle.