What the Badges Next to Tester Names Mean

Learn different badges assigned to testers in the Applause platform.

What the Badges Next to Tester Names Mean

There are three separate badge types that appear beneath a tester's picture on their profile, each of which gives you a more complete glimpse into the testing capabilities of your test team.

  1. To begin, click a bug in your list of issues for your currently selected product.

  2. Next, click the name of the tester that appears beneath the title of the issue.

  3. This will open up the tester's profile page, which gives you a high level overview of the tester, including their name, location, testing expertise, hardware & software, experience and additional skills. Additionally, you’ll see three rows of colored badges appearing beneath the tester's photo.

Tester Profile
Tester Ratings

As each tester works with Applause, the Applause platform will, over time, automatically assign them a rating for each type of testing they perform. The rating itself is based upon the quality and quantity of their work, and also indicates the tester’s relative abilities compared to other testers.

The first line of badges is a series of different colored hexagons, which represent the ratings detailed above. Testers who have been rated will have an ‘R’ badge for ‘Rated’. However, if a tester is in the top 20% of performers on the Applause platform, they will instead receive a Gold, Silver, or Bronze badge. Testers earn these special badges based upon the quality of their bug reports, as well as their ability to discover valuable bugs within a variety of products.

Testing Types

Each of those ratings corresponds to the testing type badge that appears beneath it, symbolized by different colored circles. Each circle contains a two letter abbreviation representing one of the different testing types the tester has claimed proficiency at in their profile.

The different testing types listed are as follows:

  • Automation

  • Functional

  • Load & Performance

  • Localization

  • Security

  • Usability

More Badges
Favorite Tester

Testers who have performed exceptionally well can be marked as a favorite, represented on their profile by a numeric value in a dark blue circle surrounded by a flower petal-like design. The numeric value contained inside this circle represents the number of companies that have marked the tester as a favorite.

Favorite Badge