Crash Reporting Overview

Crash Reporting Overview

You can see your crashes from three places within the platform.

The Main Dashboard  Overview

The lower right hand side of the dashboard screen will show you the latest crashes from your app. Click the “View More” dropdown to review a list of crashes from either pre-production or production.

The Crash Menus

You can access a full list of crashes from the crash menus on the left hand navigation. There are two different crash menus: one for pre-production crashes and one for production crashes. Crashes are reported as pre-production or production depending on which  version of the SDK  you are using within the app.  

Sessions Overview

From the sessions overview page, you can tell at a glance which sessions have crashes by looking at the “Issues” column. Any session with a crash will have a red exclamation icon. Clicking on the icon will open the session details.