Distributing your app to participants

Distributing your app to participants

When you first land on the distribution page it’s quite empty. You also need to have uploaded a build 🙂

Once you’ve done that we’re ready to distribute!

You can select:

  • Build file: (if you have uploaded multiple build files then here’s where you choose one to distribute)
  • NDA:  see NDA help page
  • User groups: that should receive the distribution
  • Engagement filter: in order to limit sending multiple emails to people you can filter out those who’ve already received  this build.
  • Extra emails: additional emails (participants not included in groups)

Then click ‘Proceed

If you’re sure then click “Yes, distribute it”

Then close this dialog to get back to the distributions page

Here, the history of all your app distributions is shown, including; which build version, which NDA and to which groups (and # participants) each distribution was sent.

Participants will receive an email similar to:

Please remember you can add your own company logo and colours via branding.