DX – Release Notes – April 26th 2017

DX – Release Notes – April 26th 2017

Here’s an update of what we’ve recently completed for DX, and a preview of other exciting things to come.

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Feature Progress

Journey Results
Viewing Task Details
This is our next step into providing you real value by presenting results in a way that is easily consumable and actionable. You can now click into any task from the Journey results to see an aggregated summary of responses across all participants, e.g., all the feedback/rating/input for a given task. And you’re one click away from downloading images and playing recordings!

Project Management

  • You can now extend the end date of a Project, and add Participants to an active project!
  • You can now add your own participants to a Project by specifying an email domain (e.g., @applause.com), so anyone who has that email domain will see the Journey via the Companion app. This way, you don’t need to invite people one-by-one.

Upcoming Work

Push Notifications
DX Companion Apps
Notifications will inform participants about new journeys for both Android and iOS Companion apps.

Video Pausing
Companion Apps
Participants will be able to pause their screen recordings. Allowing them to avoid the recording of sensitive PII data such as payment instrument details, passwords etc.

Issue Reporting
Customer Web and Companion Apps
You’ll soon be able to enable Participants to report issues (aka bugs) during an Journey, so you can find important issues along with collecting general feedback.

As always, please reach out with any questions and feedback.