DX – Release Notes

DX – Release Notes

Get the latest updates and feature improvements from the DX team.

May 11th, 2017

Web Updates

First, prepare you eyes. We now have…. COLOR  in our app!
Much more than color though, we’re rolling out an updated design which begins the process of aligning with a new Applause brand already visible on Applause.com

We understand it’s all about the results. As such, we’ve continued building out our capabilities on this front.

Building onto the previously release features showing “summary level” data of all participant inputs across a project, we now have some nice visuals:

  • Bar charts – for showing task completion, as well as showing responses from questions with multiple (checkbox) answers.
  • Pie charts – for showing % of participants who completed a journey, as well as showing responses from questions with a single choice answer (radio buttons)
  • Free text responses
  • A “gallery” view of images and video inputs from participants, allowing you to go from one to the next very easily.
  • Ability to download images/videos


DX Companion App Updates


Preparation for Bug Reporting and Push Notifications (not released yet).

  • Working toward allowing bug reporting in journeys
  • Also some behind the scenes work related to receiving push notifications


Push Notification Settings:

  • Participants will soon be able to set notifications as they desire:

Pause and Restart Video

  • If a Participant has something sensitive, for example, as part of the workflow they are recording, they can pause and resume the video. We stitch it together seamlessly for you.