How does Mobile Beta Management differ from the Applause SDK?

How does Mobile Beta Management differ from the Applause SDK?

In a nutshell, the SDK is the perfect solution when working with smaller in-house or  in-the-wild test teams. Mobile Beta Management is designed to effectively manage large communities of beta participants while also delivering a great user experience to the members of those communities.

Some key differences:




Mobile Beta Management



Product, Marketing, QA

Problem Solved

Shortens development times by improving the speed and accuracy of pre-production issue reporting while also providing more comprehensive information.

Lets developers confirm product/user alignment through efficient user acceptance programs. Mobile-first workflows have been designed to nurture maximum participant engagement and comprehensive, high value data collection.

Participant Scale

Perfect when working with smaller, internal groups and in-the-wild test teams made up of QA professionals.

The solution for running open or closed Betas that engage large numbers of users.


In-App Bug Reporting

In-App Bug Reporting


In-App Feedback Reporting

In-App Feedback Reporting


Small Team Management

Community  Mangement


No NDA  Distribution Support

Full NDA  Distribution Support


No Mobile NDA Acceptance

Full Mobile NDA Acceptance Support


OTA Distribution, Lite (no custom email messaging)

OTA Distribution, Full


SDK Analytics

MBM Analytics (SDK + user and community engagement reporting)


Pre-Production Support (Sessions, Bugs, Feedback, Crashes)

Pre-Production Support (Sessions, Bugs, Feedback, Crashes)


Production Support (Sessions, Crashes)

No Production Support


Restricted to 20 internal users  

Unlimited users/devices, plus don’t have to be registered


Distribution limited to registered users only

Unrestricted and unlimited distribution


Basic search

Expanded search


Custom Distribution Groups


Custom Branding Options