How to symbolicate a crash in iOS

How to symbolicate a crash in iOS

These are instructions how to symbolicate crashes take from the Applause webpanel

This process will take a crash looking like this:-

into something human readable like this :-


One time setup:

1.  You need to make sure you have xcode tools installed there’s a guide here.

2.  Make sure you set up the “DEVELOPER_DIR” director to point to them  

export DEVELOPER_DIR="/Applications/"

3.  Find and create an alias for the Apple symbolicatecrash perl script (included in xcode tools)

find /Applications/ -name symbolicatecrash -type f

then create an alias to that since the path is going to be quite long

alias symbolicatecrash=’/YOUR.ACTUAL.PATH.TO./symbolicatecrash’

i.e. (alias symbolicatecrash=’/Applications/’)


To symbolicate an individual crash:

1. Go to the crash you’re interested in on the web panel and copy/paste the entire contents into a .crash file (file extension is not mandatory)

2. Find the dSYM file from the build causing the crash (inside the .xcarchive > dSYMs folder)  

3. Run the script:

./symbolicatecrash /path/mycrash.crash /path/ > symbolicatedcrash.crash


This will create a file called  symbolicatedcrash.crash  that contains the symbolicated crash.

Crashes from the Simulator

Note that unless you have ensured your dSYM files are build to support the Simulator then this  won’t work for crashes sent from the simulator.