iOS SDK: Under the Hood

iOS SDK: Under the Hood

How does the Applause iOS SDK catch crashes?

The SDK uses the open source project:

As well as using  the “NSSetUncaughtExceptionHandler” to ensure all crashes are caught by the SDK.

Where is the crash / bug  data stored?

We store all crashes, logs and bug reports in the “Library” folder of the iOS device. Once data is pushed to the server, we remove it from the device.

How often does the  Applause iOS SDK  send data to Applause servers?

This depends on which mode you are using QA or Market and whether the device has connectivity.

In QA Mode (used in pre-production):

– Bugs & Feedback are sent immediately as long as their is connectivity or as soon as connectivity is restored.

– Crashes are stored and sent when the app restarts (this is because there is usually not enough time to send the data at the time of an app crash)

– Logs are sent periodically (when a pre-sized buffer is filled)