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Asking Testers to Review Your App

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Tester App Reviews

Within a functional test cycle, you have the ability to enable testers to submit high level user feedback about your application.

To enable, this feature, click the option to add “App Review” in Step 2 (Scope).

There is a default list of questions that will automatically populate upon turning the feature on.

If need be, you have the option of customizing your tester app review, with questions of your own. To add a question, click ADD NEW QUESTION at the bottom.

  • There is a max of 9 questions you can customize (the Overall Rating question is locked).
  • You can add contextual help to each question.
  • Each question can be set to any of 3 different types (stars, text, or stars/text).
  • Each question can be made to be required, or optional.
  • You can rearrange the order of questions
    • Click & hold the column of dots on the top of of each question to move it.

To preview your tester app review, click PREVIEW REVIEW.
* Please Note: If you copy a test cycle that has had its tester app review customized the same customized review questions will be on the new test cycles tester app review by default.

Reviewing Tester Reviews

Once the test cycle is active, and testers have participated, each review appears in the Reviews tab of the cycle.

To export all reviews from the test cycle, go back to the tester app REVIEWS list screen. Click the Actions dropdown and select Export All Reviews to CSV.

By clicking on an individual tester app review from the list, you can see individual feedback, have a direct discussion line with the tester, and (if you so choose) mark the review as Valuable or Unsatisfactory.

2 minutesread

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