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Bug Fix Verification

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Bug Fix Verification (BFV) is the ability to confirm that you have have fixed the bugs that were discovered by the uTest community. This is done by allowing your PMs to invite any tester with matching devices/environments to verify bugs within the existing test cycle. Alternately, a standalone test cycle can be created and the original tester who submitted the bug will re-test. A second tester will verify if the bug you fixed was resolved.  Applause has fairly quick turnaround times for this, they can be done at any time, and the customer app has options to manage the BFV automatically.

BFV from the Current Test Cycle



Edit the current open test cycle or start a new, standard test cycle
Go to Step 2: Testing Scope > Known Issues and BFV
Select BFV Issues from the list of bugs and known issues. This creates a test case for the BFV and makes it available to testers who are already in the cycle. Remember to SAVE the test cycle for the changes to be implemented. 
  • BFVs, test cases and exploratory testing can all be run within the same cycle. BFVs need to be in the Known Issues list.
  • Requesting BFVs as part of a standard test cycle allows for iOS builds to be resigned.
  • Uses the same build / product version as the current test cycle.

Cloning Test Cycles

  • Does copy Regular/Generic test cases.
  • Does NOT copy the BFV test cases.
    • You can reselect in the new cycle. (Edit Test Cycle: Step 2)
  • Does copy Known Issues, unless the KIs had an NDA. Remember to reattach the NDA.

Standalone BFV Test Cycle

The action of “Verify” on either a single bug or multiple bugs can be done by kicking off a standalone Bug Fix Verification Cycle. This will create a test cycle automatically for each individual week in which you push a bug to BFV.
Reason to launch a separate BFV Cycle:
  • If there is a need to specify different builds for a BFV test case.
  • You need to guarantee a matched tester for a test case.
  • This will only allow BFV test cases. Exploratory and normal test cases cannot be included.
When you push your bug to BFV you will either attach a new build (mobile), or supply the URL for the site where the issue has been fixed.
  • Example: If you push bug #50001 to bug fix verification on January 20th, a test cycle for that week will be created and any other bugs you push for the week of Jan 20-26 will all be there. If you push bug #50020 on the 27th, it will be in a separate cycle.

Once a cycle is created, the original tester + one additional tester who has the matching environments will be sent an invitation to verify if the bug still exists. The testers will report back their findings in the form of a Pass or Fail test case. Let the testers know whether or not to submit a new bug if the verification fails, or if they should just to mark it as failed (the latter is the case 95% of the time). Upon completion the bug will be either marked Fixed or Not Fixed, based on the Pass/Fail of the test case.

BFV via Bug Tracking System

The majority of our customers prefer to take the results of our test cycles (i.e. bugs) and export them to their native BTS (e.g. JIRA). This allows your to manage the subsequent work with your development teams. In each BTS export, there will be a deep link embedded in the issue description that, when clicked on by the customer, will send an API request back to the platform to add the bug verification request as a test case to the weekly queue.
Learn how to set up your BTS.
Applause also supports Two-Way Jira Integration.

BFV by the Bug(s)

  • Within your test cycle, open the specific bug report and Select the “Options” drop-down menu. Select “Request Verification”
  • The Issues Grid/List will display all bugs. Using the check boxes, select all of the bugs you want to push to a bug fix verification cycle
    • At the top left of the list, select “Verify” from the menu
  • Follow the prompt and either attach a new build or provide the test URL, and any notes about the fix you want to tell the tester.
  • Important: For those who are iOS testing and using Applause’s resigning tool, resigning is not supported for Standalone BFV cycles.
    • Option 1: Request the BFV from the original cycle.
    • Option 2: Upload the build in a new different cycle to auto-resign, and then select that existing build for your BFV.
  • When asking for verification within the current test cycle, the test cases are created and notifications are sent out right away.
  • Standalone BFV cycles will be queued up in a scheduler and will show up about 10-15 minutes later depending on the number of bugs that have been pushed for verification.
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