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Bug Ratings Overview

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When a bug is approved, that bug must be given a rating- referred to as triaging. The rating is important because it not only serves as a flag for your team, but it also affects tester payout and tester rating, with more valuable bugs yielding higher payout rates and greater increases in tester rating.

  • Exceptionally Valuable:  These are your mission critical, show-stopping high impact bugs. They can be bugs that you drop everything to fix, or ones that are complex and may require intensive resources.
  • Very Valuable:  These are your should-fix bugs. Very Valuable bugs are important, but perhaps not essential, that may be able to wait for a future build to fix.
  • Somewhat Valuable:  These are less important bugs. They are typically low impact bugs that you may or may not fix, depending on priority and workload.

Bugs can also be rejected if they are out of scope, a duplicate, if the tester did not follow instructions, or more information is needed.

Note: The number of bugs you approve or reject does not affect your contract terms. You are not charged additional fees based on the number of bugs you approve or reject.

For more information about bug triaging, see Bug Triaging Best Practices.

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