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Within a cycle, you have several different options to communicate with the testing team, or get additional information

Tester Messenger & My Notes:

Tester Messenger: Sends an email directly to the tester if you have any questions you want to verify or do some limited troubleshooting with them to understand the issue better. They will get the email and respond in the messenger.
My Notes: Sends an email to the Team Test Leader only. This can be used to add a note to the ticket on export. If for any reason you’d like to make a note that will be exported with the ticket or you want to communicate with the TTL WITHOUT the tester seeing it, use the customer messenger.

Chat Room:

  • Testers are required to monitor chat for updates to scope or changes in directions.
  • If you want to communicate to the group as a whole, use the chat room.
  • Your name is highlighted in a color that lets testers know you are the client.
  • Testers may also reach out to you and the TTL for clarification in chat room as well.


  • If you’re unsure who to contact, email your Project Manager directly (if applicable) for any questions or assistance during a cycle.
  • When in doubt, you can reach our technical support team for assistance at
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