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Contacting Your Testing Services Team

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Contacting your Project Manager, TTL, or any member of your testing team can be handled completely within the Applause platform!


On your dashboard, you’ll find the Test Team module, which is a scrollable list of the members of your test team. You can see who is online and available ­­via the Chat bubble icon to the right of their name. If the icon is gray, they user is currently offline, however, if the icon is blue, that user is online and available via the Chat Panel. Additionally, if you click the users name while the Chat Panel is open, you can directly message the user.


The Chat Panel is accessible by clicking the Chat icon in the upper right corner of the dashboard. The Chat Panel itself, by default, is collapsed and hidden, but clicking the icon will expand out your chat panel and show you a list of your contacts and active test cycles.


Clicking the name of any of the Active Test cycles will open a Test Cycle Specific chat interface, which will allow you to answer any potential scope questions about your product, or make an announcement about the product. If an Active Test Cycle appears with an orange number to the right of its name, that means you have unread messages in chat that have been posted for you to review.


Additionally, a user’s name appearing in green means they are online, and clicking the name of any of those users will allow you to start a direct chat with them. Please note that logging off or closing this chat window will cause the chat history to be lost.


Finally, if any user has a + to the right of their name, you can click that and add them to your list of contacts, who will be saved in your main chat interface.


2 minutesread

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