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Exporting Bugs to BTS via Email

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In circumstances where you are using a Bug Tracking System not currently supported in the platform, Applause now offers the option to export bugs via email.

Many tracking systems offer the ability to configure a special email inbox that creates tickets when an email is sent to that address. When using the  platform BTS email connector, an email will be sent to the specified address any time an issue is set to be exported.

Check the documentation of your  BTS to see if this technique is supported and how to set it up. An example of this workflow in Jira can be found here:

Just like setting up any other BTS connection, you will need to provide details on Step 4 – Integration of product info.

  • A target email address
  • Subject title format (a custom BTS export template)
  • Body format (a custom BTS export template)
  • Attachments as files Yes/No


This allows full control over what is exported, similar to the ticket body configuration of other BTS connectors. Any attachments that do not fit into the email (greater than 10MB), are included as links. Ticket names are typically created from the subject line of the email, whereas the body/description of the tickets will be formatted based on the provided template of the email body.

1 minuteread

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