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Completing the Integration with Email

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Using Email integration you can export issues reported within the Applause Platform to a predesignated mailbox as an email. This is one of the options offered by the Applause Platform to integrate with an unsupported Bug Tracking System.

This article provides information about specific setups required when configuring the BTS Connector with Email. Learn more about working with the BTS Connectors as part of setting up the integration between the Applause platform and your Bug Tracking System (BTS) here. Learn more about integrating with your BTS here


  • Your BTS must be able to subscribe to an inbox and create tickets when an email is sent to that address. 
    • Follow your BTS’s documentation on the required setups. For instance, you may review the documentation by Jira here.
  • Make sure that the designated mailbox can receive emails from external sources.

Email Connector

Once the BTS Integration was enabled for the product, anf Jira was selected as the connector to be set up, You’ll be required to provide the following information:

  • Recipient Address: Set the inbox’s email address.

Hints & Tips

  • Ticket names are typically created from the subject line of the email, whereas the body/description of the tickets will be formatted based on the provided template of the email body.
  • Remember you may customize the template for both Email Subject and Description. This allows full control over what is exported.
  • Any attachments that do not fit into the email (commonly greater than 10MB), are included as links.
2 minutesread

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