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Favorite Testers

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As test cycles are completed for your product, there will be testers who consistently provide results and service above and beyond your expectations. When you have such a tester on your team, you can mark them as a Favorite Tester. Favorite Testers are automatically invited to your future testing projects, allowing you to continue to work with them as your products evolve. In addition to that, testers who are favorite get extra recognition within the community, as well as achieve a higher rating.

You can mark a tester as a favorite in two ways:

From the Testers Tab

When you log into the Applause Platform, you’ll need to click the Testers tab in the navigation menu on the left hand side of the screen.


This will bring you to a list of all the members of your test team that the platform recommends automatically after they’ve submitted 20 approved issues. ­­­To the right of the testers name and photo is a blue or gray dot, which is the Favorite Tester icon. By default, this is disabled – but marking a Favorite tester is as easy as clicking the icon. Additionally, you can un-Favorite a tester by clicking the same icon a second time.


From an Issue Report

Additionally, a tester can be marked as a favorite from within an issue report they submitted. After clicking any issue that’s been submitted, you can click or unclick the same icon that appears to the right if the testers name.


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