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How To Integrate With FogBugz

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For basic integration information, please see:  ‘Integrating With Third-Party Bug Tracking Systems’


Helpful Hint:  For easier tracking, create a new user within your user system with €œApplause in the name. This will help you quickly locate bugs exported from Applause  into FogBugz.

After selecting FogBugz  for your new connector, you will be presented with a number of fields.

  • URL:  Configure your web-based access to FogBugz.
  • User:  Case sensitive login credentials for your FogBugz  implementation. Note that the username being used requires permission to create and save bugs within your GitHub  system.
  • Password:  Case sensitive login credentials for your Fogbugz  implementation.
  • Project  Id:  The project Id bug reports should be associated with in Fogbugz.

NOTE:   We do not support two step authentication at this time, only basic authentication.

For information on further customizing your BTS integration, please see:  “Working With Bug Tracking System (BTS) Integration Connectors”

1 minuteread

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