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How To Integrate With YouTrack

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For basic integration information, please see:  ‘Integrating With Third-Party Bug Tracking Systems’.

Applause supports the following versions of YouTrack:

  • YouTrack Versions 6.0 or later

Integration with YouTrack Implementation


Select the ‘YOUTRACK‘ option in the ‘Connector Type‘ menu.

Helpful Hint:  For easier tracking, create a new user within your user system with Applause in the name. This will help you quickly locate bugs exported from Applause into YouTrack. It is important to assign project visibility in YouTrack to the account being used for the connection in order for bugs to appear.

After selecting YouTrack for your new connector, you will be presented with a number of fields.

  • URL:  Configure your web-based access to YouTrack, The URL should end with: ‘/youtrack’.
  • User:  Case sensitive. Requires the username to have create and save permissions within the YouTrack system.
  • Password:  Case sensitive.
  • Project Key:  Case sensitive, The key of the project you wish the exported issues will be associated with.

NOTE:   We do not support two step authentication at this time, only basic authentication.

For information on further customizing your BTS integration, please see: “Working With Bug Tracking System (BTS) Integration Connectors”

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