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How to Create a New Test Case

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Two ways to create new test cases:

In Platform: Click the “New Test Case” button to bring up a dialog window that will walk you through the process.
Import: For formatting instructions and downloading a sample .csv template, see Creating Test Cases in Excel.

Create Test Case in Platform

Product: Choose from the dropdown list.
Test Case Name: Keep the name short but descriptive.
Test Suite: ————
Description: Provide a short clear description. Include what part of the app this test case relates to.
Attachments: If there are any attachments that testers need insert them here.
Estimated Time: Specify estimated time for testers to complete the test case. This field is required, and must be greater than zero.
Steps – Instruction: A single small step that the tester performs. Make it as clear and concise as possible. If instructions become too long, the  break them into multiple instructions.
Steps – Expected Result: Explain what the tester should see or experience when the instruction is performed. If the tester correctly encounters the expected result, then the test case step will pass. If the tester encounters an error or some other outcome, they’ll report this step as having failed.
Steps:  After entering in your first step, you can add additional steps by clicking on Step 2, 3 etc. Click “Add a New Step” to add more. Step order can be changed by grabbing the left-hand handle, dragging and dropping.

Important: After creating a new test case, you should contact your PM.

Import From A CSV File

The template for Creating Test Cases in Excel is here.

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