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How to Handle Legitimate Issues That Are Not Going to be Fixed

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Sometimes an issue will be reported that is a legitimate bug but there are no plans to fix it (too minor, special reasons why it’s too complicated to solve, etc.). Within the issue, you can approve these bugs as “Won’t Fix”.

Marking an issue as Won’t Fix will:

  • Approve the bug as Somewhat Valuable
  • Indicate to testers you will not be fixing the bug, and it should not be reported again
  • Hide the bug on the issues list (unless ‘Include Resolved’ is checked)
  • Exclude it from exports to CSV / BTS unless specifically requested in dialogs

In the example below, the bug is marked “Won’t Fix” because the Help button functionality is out of scope for the test cycle.



Note: When you mark a bug as Won’t Fix, ensure that you add it to your “Known Issues” list.

1 minuteread

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