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How To Integrate With Bug Tracking Systems

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For a full overview of the available features offered by the Applause BTS integration support, please see the following article:  Bug Tracking System Overview

Currently supported bug tracking systems  are:

Setup the integration in the Product Configuration Wizard which can be accessed in one of two ways:

Create A  New Product:  

To create a new product, click on the Product Menu and select the New Product + button on the right.



Edit An Existing Product:

To edit an existing product in the list, click on the  Actions pulldown and select Edit.



Configuring the BTS  Integration

The  Integration Configuration Panel is Step #5 in the Wizard. If you are editing an existing product, you will be able to click directly to that panel.


To create a new connector, select your BTS from the ‘Connector Type’ menu. (JIRA, Pivotal Tracker Redmine etc.)

To edit an existing connector, click the pencil icon next to the ‘Connector details’ label.

The Connector Details fields will dynamically update based on the connector type selected. For additional information about a specific BTS, see the links below.

BTS Specific Integration Information

NOTE:   We do not support two step authentication at this time, only basic authentication for all bug tracking systems.




2 minutesread

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