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Issues with XCode 6.1 Solutions

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With Apple’s release of XCode 6, a large number  of new capabilities for developers have been introduced. However due to how Apple has extended the method in which they sign IPA files,  capability entitlement  IDs are now matched to certificates.

When new builds are uploaded  to the Applause platform, Applause attempts to re-sign the certificates using the Applause Enterprise license. Under XCode 6, this can lead to a mismatch between entitlement IDs and certificates.

How the Re-signed Build Might Fail  (if it falls into the appropriate below scenario):

  • Failure to re-sign (missing resources, wrong XCode version error, etc)
  • Failure to install (profile mismatch)
  • Failure to run, or major functionality doesn’t work (profile mismatch)

Possible Scenarios & Solutions

There are three different scenarios:

1) The build was built with XCode 6.0 or earlier and  uses no  capabilities that  require modification of the app’s entitlements.

Solution:  There should be no issues with re-signing the build with the Applause Enterprise license.

2) The build was built with XCode 6.1,  and uses no capabilities that require modification of the app’s entitlements.

Solution:  Contact your Applause project manager. They will be able to assist with re-signing the app with the Applause Enterprise license under XCode 6.1.

3) The build was built with XCode 6.1, and one or more of the new capabilities are used.

Solution 1:  Users who currently posses, or are willing to purchase, their own Enterprise license should  resign their build with their license. This is the recommended solution.

Solution 2:  Users who have a Standard license and are not willing to purchase their own Enterprise license, can manually enter the UDIDs of allowed devices into the build’s provisioning file (your project manager can assist with this), bypassing the need to resign the build with an Enterprise license.

Need More Help or Information?

Contact your project manager for assistance.

2 minutesread

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