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Managing a Test Cycle

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Manage your test cycles by clicking the Test Cycle button in the left hand nav.

The following information will display:

Testing Type:  Fn (Functional), Ux (Usability), Ld (Load), Sc (Security), or Ln (Localization)
Test Cycle ID: Every cycle has a unique ID number
Test Cycle Name: Clicking on a test cycle name will bring you to that test cycle’s ‘Issues’ page where you can review and manage reported bugs.
Type: Indicates a single or continuous cycle
Issues: A count of new, pending and all issues. 
Time Left: How many days left in the cycle.
Actions: Option to edit the test cycle.
Draft: A test cycle that has been created, but has not been activated by a PM
Active: A test cycle that has been activated by a PM and is currently running
Locked: A test cycle that has been paused€™, preventing additional submissions. Test cycles also automatically lock once the configured End Date€™ is reached.
Closed: A test cycle that has been completed. To see Closed test cycles, click the check box at the to of the list.

1 minuteread

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