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Managing Test Cases

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Managing test cases is done in the ‘Test Cases’ tab, accessed by clicking on ‘Test Cases’ in the left hand nav bar.

The Test Cases page lists all of your test cases, the Product they are attached to, and their current status.

Test Case Batch Actions Menu

You make batch changes to test cases by checking the Batch Actions menu next to each test case that you want to modify, and then clicking on the ‘Action’ menu.

  • Publish:  After creating a test case, you must Publish it to make it active.
  • Disable:  Disabling a published test case hides it from your testers.
  • Discard:  Deletes a test case.
  • Copy:  Clones a test case.
  • Add to suite:  A test suite is a collection of test cases. What makes test suites handy is that they can be applies cross-product, making it easy to run your test cases for multiple products.

Test Case Item Actions Menu

You can also make changes to individual cases by clicking on the item action menu associated with each test case item.

2 minutesread

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