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Meet Your Applause Team

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As you trust Applause with the quality of your digital assets, a whole team of professionals will ensure we exceed your expectations. While you may be interacting directly with very few individuals, and regardless if you self-serve yourself within the Applause Platform or hardly need to log in, it is important to know the variety of roles that will take part in planning, setting and executing your tests at the heist quality and with attention to every detail. The team members harness their experience from testing across many accounts, products and industries to gain deep domain knowledge, advise on testing & feedback best practices, and manage testing teams.

The structure of your Applause Team may vary based on solution and testing type (functional testing vs. customer experience, accessibility, automation etc.), but will commonly include some or all of the following roles:

Solution Delivery Manager (SDM)

The SDM serves as the primary point of contact for the stakeholders at the customer side. Your SDM will be able to provide consultative planning and support, and access to subject matter experts within Applause to execute it.

Solution Expert

For the specialized practices – such as customer experience and accessibility – a Solution Expert will provide practice-specific know-how and best practices. 

Test Architect (TA)

The TA initiates and directs all test cycles based on your predefined goals and testing strategy. Your TA will be able to advise you on strategy and ensure your goals are achieved during the test cycle.

Test Engineer (TE)

The TE is responsible for the execution of the test cycles end to end. They assemble a team of curated testers that match your specific demographic, device, region requirements. Your TE will be available to participate in daily standups, if needed.

Test Team Lead (TTL)

The TTL supports and provides feedback to testers throughout test cycle execution. Being an experienced tester with Applause, and trained for this specific task, your TTL will triage test results submitted by the testers, to ensure those provide actionable feedback and detailed enough to meet your predefined scope and instructions, thus reducing unnecessary noise from you. The TTL can recommend you if an issue should be approved or rejected – and indeed some customers completely entrust their TTLs to do so for them!


The Testers perform the tasks outlined in the test cycle’s scope & instructions, and submit their detailed feedback, may it be an issue report, a test case result, verification of a bug fix, product feedback, or other. Testers in our Testing Community are vetted and rated, and provided with numerous professional development opportunities in a vibrant community.

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