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Getting Around the Applause Platform

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Welcome to the Applause Platform!

Applause offers you access to the industry-leading Software-as-a-Service crowdtesting platform. The Applause Platform makes it easy to kick off tests, interact with our testing community, and receive actionable insights in real time. 

This article will review the main tasks you are able to complete in the platform, as well as the basic navigation principals you’ll encounter while you interact with it. 

As the main tool for the leader in crowdtesting, the Applause Platform allows you to complete many tasks in the creation, management and reporting of testing of your digital experiences. Most of the functionality was built to enable self-served interaction, granting you the flexibility to define, run and review the tests on your own. Due to the inherent complexities, however, of software and interaction testing, some functionalities are controlled by your Applause team. In addition, and depending on your commercial agreement with Applause, you may be eligible – should you want it – to have most of the work completed by Applause. Make sure you know who you should work with to maximize the benefits you will see out of working with Applause. Learn more about your Applause Team here

What tasks will you complete in the Applause Platform?

The main tasks you’ll be using the Applause Platform for include:

  • Launch & manage tests: Define your products, create test cases, securely upload the builds or versions to be tested and provide your instructions – and you’re good to go in no time.
  • Triage testing results, and integrate them into your workflows: Review the issues, test case results and product reviews submitted by the Testing Community. You have the ability to vet everything submitted before you send it into your bug tracking and other systems – or trust your Applause Team to vet it for you.
  • View testing results, reports and analytics: All results are always available to you, detailed and aggregated. Identify trends in your product quality build-over-build and focus your efforts on improvements you can implement.
  • Communicate with your Applause Team: Chat with the people working for you to get more information, provide additional directions, and get advice on fine tuning your testing strategy.
  • Manage your testing team: Review your favorite testers and their achievements.

Navigation & Orientation

Most of the navigation is done using the left Nav Bar. Items in the navigation may vary based on your permission level and the product you have selected.

Product Selector

A key navigation option enables you to toggle between different products you may be testing in the Applause Platform. By default you will be looking at data applies to all of your products, but, if your user is set to view multiple products, as you work on your different tasks you may need to switch the display to select a specific product.


To switch between products, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the Applause Platform.
  2. Click on the Product Selector on the top of the Nav Bar to the left of the screen.
  3. Locate the product from the list or use the search box, and select it.


You are able to connect with the team executing your testings in real time through an easy to use chat interface. Learn more about connecting with your testing services here.

Navigation Options

The Nav Bar includes the following navigation options:

  • Products: Create, view and manage the products you will be testing. Once a product is selected, the following options are available as well:
    • Activity: View product-level reporting, including your build-over-build Applause Quality Score.
    • Product Details: View and edit the product settings.
    • Builds: Create, view and manage the product builds and versions you will be testing.
  • Test Cycles: Create, view and manage the testing activity. Note: if a specific product is selected in the product Selector, only test cycles related to that product will be displayed.
  • Issues: View, triage and export issues collected by the Community. Note: if a specific product is selected in the product Selector, only issues related to that product will be displayed.
    • Known Issues: A subset of the Issues List, contains only issues marked as “Known Issues”.
  • Test Cases: Create, view and publish test cases and suites to be executed by the Community. Note: if a specific product is selected in the product Selector, only issues related to that product will be displayed.
  • Testers: View the testers marked as favorite for a specific product (must make a selection in the Product Selector).
  • Documents: View documents shared between you and your Applause Team.
    • Note: this account-level navigation option resets product selection in the Product Selector.
  • Account & Settings: View and edit your personal account information and preferences. Account Administrators (“Primary Testing Manager”) can also manage users and teams, view billing information, and generate API keys.
  • Useful links:
    • Help: Access the support knowledge base at
    • Resources: Access Applause’s marketing resource library to view case studies, white papers, testimonials, and much more.
    • Contact Us
    • Privacy Policy
    • Terms of Use
    • Sign Out

Product Feedback

The Applause Platform provides robust functionality in an easy to use interface to guarantee a superb user experience. Think differently? Have a request or suggestion? Want to thank us on a new feature? You may submit any product-related information using the Product Feedback option at the bottom right of every screen.

Note: make sure to not include any sensitive or personal information. Also, refrain from including communication meant for your Applause Team as part of your testing projects.

4 minutesread

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