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Setting Up Two-way Jira Integration

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For those with Jira 6.0 and higher, the Applause platform allows you to map your Jira issue statuses to ours. This allows  for updates done on your Jira ticket to automatically update the Applause issue. The Integration includes setting up a webhook within Jira, subscribed to the internal Issue Update event, effectively notifying the Applause Platform on changes to the issue.

Configuring the 2-Way Jira Integration

Configuration of the 2-Way Jira Integration consists of initial set of steps you’ll be required to complete within the Applause Platform, and additional settings required to be completed with Jira, to ensure the integration is properly subscribed to the Webhook.

To configure the 2-Way Jira Integration:

1. Log in to the Applause Platform and create (or edit) a product

2. In step 2 (“Integrations”), after setting up your initial Jira connection and choosing field mappings for exported bugs, check the “Enable Two-way Integration” box.

3. If you already have a Jira connection set up, you may need to click the “Refresh Connection” button to enable this option. 

Two-way Jira Integration

4. Select the Jira Fields you’d like to send from Jira to the Applause Platform:

Jira to Applause Field Mapping

Note: While Jira may allow multiple ‘Target Version’ values, the Applause Platform will only save a single value. We will always keep the latest version value, based on the ID assigned to it by Jira.

5. Make sure to click “Save” on the created/edited product, even if you go through steps 1 (“Components”) or return to step 1 (“Basic”).

Creating the Jira webhook…

After you click “Save” you’ll be prompted to create a webhook on your Jira. 

Jira two-way integration

We offer two methods for this:

  • Provide your Jira admin credentials (one-time only), and we’ll set it up for you automatically.
    • We do NOT store your credentials and only use it for the one-time purpose of setting the webhook.
  • OR, setup the webhook manually from within your Jira instance. (See: How to manually create a Jira webhook)

Please note that creating the webhook manually will require using an API key, effectively enabling the registration of the Applause Platform to your Jira instance. The API Key can be found during setup, under the “do it manually on your Jira without providing admin credentials” option in the above dialog box:

Jira two-way integration

Alternatively, once the created/edited product is saved with the 2-Way Jira Integration settings saved, the API Key will be displayed in Step 2 “Integrations” of the Create/Edit Product Screen:

Product Screen

Next: Once the 2-Way Jira Integration is successfully set up, you may utilize it to drive the Bug Verification workflow.

3 minutesread

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